Shock Loc Multi Pack

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The Original Shockloc™ Strap multipack

This is what you get in the Shock Loc Multipack consists of 6 straps

2 x 300 mm

2x 620 mm

2 x 1000 mm

The ultimate started pack and is undoubtedly the quickest & easiest way to strap, tie, bundle, lash or hang just about any size or shape object. They are extremely strong & durable. They are reusable which makes them a much better alternative for the planet, reuse don’t throw it away, pack it away and use it again and again and again.

The Original Shockloc™ Strap has 1000’s of uses around the Home, Garden, Garage, Campsite, Car, 4WD, Ute, Trailer, Boat, Kayak, Raft, Caravan, Camper…………The list goes on & on. The possible uses are really only limited by your imagination.

Made from durable UV resistant resin & top quality Australian made 5mm marine grade shock cord, The Original Shockloc™ Strap is re-usable, weather resistant & made to last. It has to be to stand up to the harsh Australian conditions.

  • Premium 100% Aussie made marine grade multi strand elastic core
  • HT polyester covers with a fine plait smooth construction
  • Long life, wear resistance to abrasion & UV degradation. (Beware of cheap imports that break down in a few months)
  • Consistently allows over 100% elongation & recovery. (Will not loose it’s elasticity no matter how much you stretch it)
  • Not affected by water

Easy to attach and restrain almost everything and when it comes time to undo, they can be released in seconds, with just one hand.

No more dangerous occy straps, single-use cable ties & complicated knots. Using The Original Shockloc™ Strap, you simply Shock it ‘n’ Lock it, then walk away. No hassle, No fuss.

It Really Is That Easy!!!


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