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reusable UV rated shock cord and shock loc for long lasting 100% Australian made Awesome products for your next camping expedition

Standard Squeeze

food grade, BPA free no more broken bottles just squeeze a standard drink each time. Enjoy the same taste everytime.

Mini Camp Stove

From organic and natural Turmeric Super Blends to fun, long-lasting useful camping gear

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Easy light Compact Camping Clothesline

It is light and easy and just the right length for camping / caravaning / Travel clotheslines, The Original Shockloc™ Clothesline is fully adjustable up to 5mtrs and can be secured to any shape or sized object with ease using the unique Shockloc Slider system. It is the only truly fully adjustable clothesline on the market.

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Organic turmeric super blend powder

I start every day with our Turmeric Super blend a wonderful product. This is what powers me to the gym and my favorite sport of windsurfing. I have a teaspoon every morning with some of our Organic ACV carrot and beetroot blend and half a teaspoon of raw honey. This mix packs a punch to the point my gym instructor says I am getting fitter – well well well who would have thought.

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