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Here we are – thanks for visiting our site we love it when you pop by

Awesome Organic, reuseable and renewable

We are changing – you may have noticed no more nuts and of those of you who have adventured to our website, our name. We are now called BBB Products

We were fortunate enough to have met a couple of really great people

One who is working very hard on renewable and sustainable energy. Sean has been working in the arena for many years creating and developing amazing solutions to clean energy. He attracted our attention and after spending 3 days talking with this amazing gentleman he offered for us to join him with the Powerkik range of products https://bbbproducts.com.au/product-category/powerkik/

The other guys have an awesome product we have now is the reuseable Shockloc – yep the original shockloc marine grade and reusable. Since we started with the shockloc we haven’t used zip ties camping or at markets and events. Yes …. how good is that – you know all those zip ties will end up in the ocean eventually and we hate to think with what result….check it out here https://bbbproducts.com.au/product-category/shock-loc/

Remember we still have our old favourites Turmeric super blend and ACV not to mention the awesome gourmet spice blends which we have most nights with something or other.