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Personal Charging Off-Grid

12 w Solar Power pack

Wouldn’t you like to get off-grid and start charging your devices from nature instead of using fossil fuels? Now you can and not at a large price – I love my 12watt personal solar unit – I even use it at work to charge my phone. It charges faster than my laptop

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Solar Gen Set PK12w

Keep our internet going for hours 

Whoa….what a cracker – how good is this we need to run our Square device (Card reader) to take payments for our stall off the internet so we connected to the dongle. Our Samsung tablet does not have a sim card. Sunday market at Cleveland runs from 7am to 1pm somewhere between 7 and 7,30 we plugged it into our awesome little PK12w mini solar generator.  1pm still going with 4 bars on the power indicator – it used very little power see video below. 

Ok so what was running off the little goer – we have all our devices set to automatically run off the dongle if it is turned on – 2 x Samsung phones  Samsung tablet and Apple ipad pro. To say the least we are very impressed at the performance of the PK12w which is a small 12 watt solar panel with a 10000 mAh storage bank. 

So as a device I would recommend that is for sure – during the week I store it on the dashboard of my car and it charges there – I don’t do anything special or go out of my way to maintain its charge, just pop it on the dash.