Wheelie Bins full of Vintage Double Split IronBark




When it comes to BBQ or a great fire for the night to enjoy with your mates or keep the house warm and cozy in the cold. This is the wood for you. It burns hot and it burns clean and lasts for a long time this is the wood you have been looking for.

It comes in a bin – yes that is correct in a wheelie bin to be exact – ideal for moving around, it is on wheels

Keeps your wood dry – keep it closed and no water should get on your wood

When selecting your price – if it is your first time please select either the deposit and Firewood or pizza wood.

If you have already paid the bin deposit simply select Firewood or Pizza Wood

Thank you and enjoy


Additional information

Wheelie good wood

First time Bin Deposit & Firewood, Bin Deposit and Pizza wood, Firewood, Pizza wood


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