Upsize Kit for your CC450 to 900



We know your CC450 is the ultimate compact fire pit but, sometimes size does matter

Wish you had a bigger one?

You can now upsize your Compact Campfire, by simply adding this 9 piece kit it doubles the length of a CC450

It can also be added to any other size Compact Campfire to increase the length by 450mm. Be the king of the camp by adding the kit to your CC900 and create a CC1350, there is no limit to how far you can go.

If your CC450 Compact Campfire came in a 40mm deep carry case these parts will fit into the case by carrying the Flam’in Grill plate separately.

The 40mm deep stainless steel carry case can also be purchased separately.

Kit Includes

*2 x 450mm side plates

*1 x 450mm base

* 1 x center joining plate

* 5 x cooking support racks

Material 3mm mild steel pre seasoned with  Compact Campfires corrosion preventive oil

Weight 8kg