Powerkik PK48w Solar Charger


PK 48 watt amphorous solar blanket – this unit never ceases to amaze. It just charges so many different devices and at the same time. The PK48w folds up and will fit in most glove boxes.


Free power from the sun with the Powerkik PK48W Solar Charger

It is as simple as just hook it up with one of our awesome quality lithium power banks and you will power galore. Keep the kids with power going without taxing the main system.

Large capacity Portable Amphorous Solar Blanket Charger, 48 Watt Solar Panel with 3 USB Ports 2.1A  and 1 DC Output Port with output of  12V @18W. Solar Panel Output of 5.5V / 48W.  It comes with one USB Cable. This unit will charge most Laptops, large power banks, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, cameras, notebooks, Go Pro’s and many other devices. Great Solar Charger with high charging power. Lightweight, 1157gm, high energy solar charger which will meet with all of the changing demands of your mobile devices. This unit is professionally presented in a highly durable canvas cover.

Check out the video

I plugged in Samsung Tablet, HTC mobile phone, Ipad pro and the 20000 mah power bank all at the same time and they charge not probs – see photo above