Compact Campfire Pizza Oven



Flat packed and enclosed in a robust stainless steel case just like the versatile range of Compact Campfires the Compact Camp Oven is so easy to assemble and use. In less than 60 seconds you will be set up and ready to cook your favorite meal and be the envy of the campground or your neighborhood.

The cooking capabilities of the Compact Camp Oven are endless, from pizzas to marinated spare ribs and everything in between. It can even be used to smoke something small low and slow at your campsite.

The unique design of the Compact Camp Oven allows you to smoke, slow cook, roast, or bake your favorite meals wherever and whenever you like.

Standard 32cm disposable Alfoil dishes are recommended for smoking, roasting and baking and also make for an easy clean-up. A wire rack or trivet is also recommended.

Temperature control is easy using the 3 easy to adjust air vents and easy-to-read temperature gauge on the oven door. Your heat source also needs to be controlled to produce the required heat.

The Compact Camp Oven requires a Compact Campfires CC450 or larger fire pit to heat the oven.

Depending on your cooking requirements different types of fuel can be used. ie heat beads and charcoal for low and slow, ironbark timber is good if a hotter oven is required. ie wood-fired pizzas, bread, and damper.

Coals can be placed on top of the oven to get a nice even heat

Always use good quality, clean-burning fuel when cooking If using timber never use softwood or treated wood.

Kit contains

Flatpack Compact Camp Oven

Stainless steel carry case

Oven temp gauge

32cm Pizza stone

20cm stainless steel pizza lifter

Safety gloves

Assembly Instructions

Material 3mm mild steel

Assembled dimensions 35cm w x 33cm d x 25cm h

Packed dimensions 35cm x 34cm x 5cm

Weight 16kg