CC300 Compact Campfire



The CC300 is the smallest Compact Fire Pit in our range

Making it ideal for small areas and very effective when used with small briquettes, lump charcoal or small firewood. A standard size camp oven or our Flamin Grill/ BBQ plate fits neatly on the cooking racks.

Our unique air vent system allows ample airflow to the fire giving maximum heat with minimal fuel.

All Compact Campfires have a 220mm ground clearance, which gives ample airflow between the campfire and ground reducing the risk of damage to the area below.(200mm is the min recommended by Qld Parks and Wildlife Services)

Comes treated with our corrosion preventive oil to prolong the life of your Compact Campfire. We recommend re-oiling after each use with our Compact Campfire corrosion preventive oil or cooking oil will suffice short term (if you don’t have our oil on hand) to keep your Compact Campfire in good condition.

The stainless steel carry case can also be used as a collection tray for ashes or windbreak in windy conditions.

Supplied in this kit

CC300 Compact Campfire Portable Firepit

Robust stainless steel carry case (can also be used as ash collection tray and wind block)

Cooking racks

Multi tool

Quality leather safety gloves 

Assembly instructions

Quick and easy to assemble, no tools required.

Spare parts are readily available by request.

Check our product information for assembly, use, and care instructions.

Packed dimensions 500L x 320W x 30H

Assembled dimensions 300L x 300W x 500H.

Weight 12.5kg.

Postage $30 Australia wide

**Camp oven in image not included