CC 450 Compact Campfire, Flamming Grill and Rotisserie Kit combo



  • CC450 Compact Campfire Kit (CC450 Compact Campfire Portable Firepit,  Robust stainless steel carry case, which can also be used as ash collection tray and wind block, 5 Cooking racks,  Multi-tool,  Quality leather safety gloves,  assembly and safety instructions)
  • Compact Campfires Flamin Grill/BBQ Plate
  • Battery operated Rotisserie Kit (capable of up to 8kg of meat)
  • Compact Campfire Rotisserie mounting kit
  • Corrosion preventive oil

Our new Flamin Grill is a perfect way to cook your favorite BBQ meal.

Whether it be Bacon and eggs for breakfast, sausage sizzle for lunch, or a big juicy steak and prawn topper for dinner it will all taste great on your Flamin Grill plate.

Rotisserie cooking over an open fire is by far one of the best ways to cook any whole meats, whether it be beef, pork, chicken, lamb or a combination of a couple of them the tenderness and flavours cant be beaten.

Using either heat beads, charcoal or timber rotisserie cooking with your Compact Campfire is very easy.

Once you have your fire started and have a nice bed of coals loads your meat centrally onto the spit bar, load it into the motor, and switch it on. Maintain a consistent moderate heat while cooking. You do not want a raging fire to cook on a rotisserie as you will burn the outside of the meat before the inside is cooked. Rule of thumb is 1 hour per kg of meat plus an extra 1/2hr to an hour depending on conditions. A temperature probe is the best way to tell when the meat is cooked.

Once you have finish cooking you can sit around a nice warm Compact Campfire to eat your delicious roast meal.

Be the envy of your campsite cooking your roast dinner on holidays or Sunday roast in the backyard at home on your Compact Campfire.

Happy Camping