Power Banks

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  • 12w Portable Solar Panel and Power Bank

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    $99.00 $85.00

    12w Portable Solar Panel and Power Bank sound too good to be true but it is….

    What a great way to stay charged – don’t ever get caught with a flat mobile phone again

  • Powerkik 10K

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    $70.00 $59.00

    This POWERKIK Power Bank has an Output of DC 5.0V 1A and 2.1A and an Input of DC 5V/2A. This unit can be charged by either a Mains/Wall USB outlet or by one of the POWERKIK Solar Chargers. Very portable and weighs only 275 gms.

    The PK10K also has a “flashlight” beacon which can be turned on to provide night lighting and a safety feature.

  • Powerkik 20K

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    $90.00 $79.00

    The Powerkik PK20K has three (3) USB Ports so you can charge 3 devices at the same time. 

    The PK20K can be charged by using one of our Powerkik Solar Chargers or with our Standard Powerkik Wall/Mains USB Charger or other USB Wall / Mains Chargers.

    Depending on your device charging requirements, the PK20K will charge from between 5-6 mobile phones when fully charged.

  • Powerkik Notebook Power Bank

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    $249.00 $135.00

    Do not run out of power in your laptop, tablet, mobile phone, camera, lighting for social videos or anything else mobile. What a great power bank you can use anywhere anytime.