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Risk it for the Brisket

First time Brisket Sunday in bullet smoker turned out great with a Kingbrown Camp Oven Kitchen damper cooked on compact campfire with Natural wood co fuel

I put the Brisket on at 7.30am for a 7pm dinner. Just to make sure I had enough time – this is very important.

I made sure I had my thermometer in the brisket to keep an eye on the internal temp and the temp in the cooker and cooked it til it reached 163f degrees then wrapped it in alfoil. Back on the the heat I ran the cooker around the 250f mark all day.

4pm it reached 205f so I poked the temp prob around a bit to see if it was tender yet – nah still needed some time.

5pm just took it off the temp was 208f then put the Brisket into an eski to rest for 2hours and hey presto a beautiful delicious succulent brisket.

And the King Brown camp oven kitchen roasted capsicum, jalapeno, onion and cheese damper was the goods